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Cormac McCarthy 

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(via lovequotesrus)

(via lovequotesrus)

If only my heart were stone


'the longer you wait, the more it becomes valuable'
— yea, I fell for him immediately. no courtship, no month-long efforts before uttering my sweetest ‘yes’, no tons of flowers, etc.. like a whore? oh eF those who judge. :)

'courtship to see if he's serious'
— for several number of guys I have met and known, almost all put their ‘best foot forward’ during courtship.. then the worst after the victory -.- eF those. you don’t just win girls, you gotta keep them.

—- with not more than a week of chit chats, we became official, thought we wouldn’t even reach a yr, yet we did, and still counting. (17mos, for the record. LOL. srsly.) Just as I thought he’s just another HappyTimeBuddy, he’s not. :> no courtship, yet everyday of our relationship, since the beginning, I have been his princess. :’> Best things really come unexpected, and unexpected things usually become the most memorable. :>

*Just a contrary note to those who always mean that time determines one’s worth.. ugggh.. Fvck It! ;)

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